More than 15,000 kilometres of Gasunie pipelines lie under Dutch or German soil.

Numerous measures aim to ensure natural gas is transported in a safe, reliable and sustainable manner. The ground is very important for the safe location of the pipelines and that’s why we handle it with care.

Gasunie performs excavation work in the ground in order to carry out maintenance work on subsurface infrastructure and to construct new installations. Over the last few decades we have acquired a lot of knowledge about the ground and how it can be used as a result of these activities. This knowledge contributes towards us being able to handle our surroundings in a responsible manner.

Gasunie applies stringent procedures to groundwater abstraction and to procedures that apply to excavation work involving contaminated earth.
The basic principle is that we comply with the current legislation and regulations, standards and protocols.

Gasunie’s soil strategy is set out in the following six points:

  • performing all soil-related activities safely
  • sustainable enterprise with a healthy balance between environment, costs and social acceptance
  • striving for the greatest possible operational safety (protecting gas infrastructure against soil pollution)
  • maximum attention to preventive soil protection rather than a repressive soil policy
  • compliance with soil legislation and regulations, inter alia by securing or making available current soil data
  • carrying out efficient operational management