Waste products

Gasunie considers it an obligation to carry out activities in a sustainable manner. In that context we also want to handle waste and residues in a proper manner.
Here the basic principle is ‘Lansink’s Ladder’ , named after a previous State Secretary for the Environment, with the emphasis on waste prevention.

Lansink’s ladder

  1. Prevention: the waste policy, both nationally and within Gasunie, aims to prevent waste arising. This starts with the Purchasing department.
  2. Re-use: when waste does arise this must be separated as carefully as possible so that the products can be re-used (for example, toner cartridges).
  3. Recycling: proper separation ensures that waste products can be recycled again. New products, such as paper for example, are then made from the raw materials.
  4. Incineration: if re-use or recycling is not possible, then the relevant waste is incinerated.
  5. Landfill: if incineration is not possible, then the waste e.g. asbestos is sent to landfill.

Gasunie and its suppliers/contractors are continually investigating the possibilities for preventing the occurrence of waste and for further improving separate waste collection.
In doing so, we use existing framework contracts and we administer and report our waste streams to the relevant bodies in a proper manner.