Golden Rules of Safety

As far as safety is concerned, Gasunie endeavours to prevent every incident. Based on this, operational management encompasses an extensive package of safety measures.
The company strives for continuous improvement in the implementation of its safety policy, subdivided into occupational safety, technical safety and external safety.

Safety is always first and foremost for Gasunie. Not only are there measures to ensure that we can continue to transport natural gas safely and reliably, Gasunie also considers it important that employees carrying out work for Gasunie are able to do this safely. A number of these safety rules are crucial to the way in which we work safely within Gasunie. These are the Golden Rules of Safety which must always be observed whilst performing all activities within Gasunie.
These Golden Rules supplement our efforts to prevent every incident.
The Gasunie Golden Rules of Safety do not constitute a new set of procedures or rules. They represent the translation of the HSE policy and our Code of Conduct into concrete rules about our behaviour and attitude with regard to safe working practices.

The Golden Rules of Safety have been drawn up to make clear that there are limits which may not be overstepped. We can prevent potentially dangerous situations if we keep to these rules.
These rules apply to everyone who carries out work for Gasunie.