Risk matrix and risk analysis

Since risks at work can never be completely ruled out, it is important to make a proper assessment of risks and residual risks to safety. Different methodologies are available for this type of risk assessment or risk analysis. Risk matrices are used at Gasunie for assessing occupational safety risks and external safety risks.

These risk matrices must be used within all Gasunie processes where safety risks are qualitatively assessed. This applies, inter alia, to the following subjects:

  • Policy for the Prevention of Severe Accidents (Preventiebeleid Zware Ongevallen)
  • Risk Inventory and Evaluation
  • risk studies
  • risk studies and recommendations, for example into activities that are supposedly high risk
  • risk assessment in ARIEs and Project RIEs
  • qualification of the seriousness of a report of an incident, accident or near-miss accident

It is important to understand that the risk matrices are designed for specific scenarios for a particular object or event.

In order to evaluate risks, it is first necessary to assess the possible consequences of a scenario and then to assess or calculate the frequency of the possibility occurring. After this, the corresponding risk can be defined in the matrix.