Safety work permits

When work is carried out by third parties (e.g. contractors and hired staff), this should not have negative consequences for the safety and health of persons, installations and the environment. Therefore, binding agreements have to be concluded between Gasunie and third parties. Such agreements are laid down in a work permit. Gasunie works in accordance with the Deltalinqs work permit methodology (form and protocol).

This work permit system is applicable to all installations, stations, pipelines and (office) locations that are part of the Gasunie organisation. The granting of a work permit is geared to normal operational management. Under special circumstances, such as malfunctions or disasters, a custom procedure can be applied. In case of an evacuation, fire or gas alarm, the work permits lose their validity. Work can only be resumed once Gasunie has given its permission.

Certain activities are or may be exempted from the work permit. These refer to risks management during the work to be carried out, such as risks regarding:

  • The Gasunie process for the activities carried out by third parties;
  • The activities carried out by third parties for the process of Gasunie;
  • The Gasunie activities carried out for activities by third parties;
  • The activities carried out by third parties for the activities by Gasunie.

The written work permit is a document which specifies and ratifies (by signature by the competent officials) the arrangements on the work to be carried out and the necessary management measures to ensure the work is safely executed. A written work permit is valid for a maximum of seven calendar days (it does not necessarily have to start on the first working day of the working week).

In situations where no written work permit is issued, a log book or presence permit can suffice.

The application for the work permit (completed column 1 and column 3) must be submitted to the issuing department at least 5 working days before the start of the work.

An application for the work permit can be submitted via this site. Fill in the form on Werkvergunning aanvragen.