At Gasunie, we work amongst others according to ‘Golden Rules of Safety’. So that everyone understands what we at Gasunie mean by acting safely. Whether you are an employee, contractor or visitor. The Golden Rules of Safety are the ten rules mentioned below that are crucial for working safely within Gasunie.

Gasunie wants to make important HSE information accessible to employees, contractors and visitors with this site. We want to get people thinking with these ten rules – and all the other available documentation. Not just about safety in itself, but also about the responsibilities that everyone themselves bears for this. If you work at or are visiting one of our locations, this means that you must be aware of what kind of things can happen at the location. If you are not aware, then you may be a danger to yourself and to others. That’s why you must take the time to understand the risks and to learn what you should do in dangerous situations. And that is much more than just knowing the rules…

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